Super Parmies

SuperparmThere are times in life when a regular parmie just isn’t enough. Your stomach yearns for something exotic, with a foreign flavour. Well look no further, grab your Parmie Passport and set sail for flavour town, with these delicious super-charged parmies!

All super-parmies are $24.99 + tax and are served with fries & mixed greens. They have a classic breaded chicken breast base…on top is where things get interesting:

***Want a veggie option ask to sub a Cauliflower steak***

Outback Jack – Smokey BBQ sauce base, caramelized onion, bacon and cheddar.
Chinese Chook – Onion, red and green pepper & pineapple with our special Asian sauce.
Bollywood – Mild curry gravy with cauliflower & potato topped with paneer.
Italiano – Topped with spaghetti bolognese & parmesan cheese
Oktoberfest – mustard base with sauerkraut & Swiss cheese
The Pom – Creamy mashed potato base topped with gravy & a port banger.
Parmie Gonzalez – Salsa base, guacamole, jalapeno, corn chips and nacho cheese.
Aloha – Teriyaki tomato paste base, ham, pineapple chunks and mozza.
Oot and aboot – Gravy base, fries and mozza.
Uncle Sam – mac ‘n cheese topped with bread crumbs for a crispy crust.
Greek Goddess – Sun-dried tomato base, black olives, red onion, tomato and feta.
Thunder from Down-under – tomato base, beets, a pineapple ring and mozza, all topped with a fried Chegg.

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Super parm instagram

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