Corina’s Dictionary

corinanbabsUnless you’re Aussie or have known Corina for a while, you might find our some of our menu items, and some of our servers, a little hard to understand! This list might help you out!

Beanie – Tuque
Bin – Trash can
Bloody Oath!
– You bet!
Budgie Smugglers – mens swimmers/speedos
– chicken
– cucumbers
Dodgy – Not quite right
Drongo – A silly person
Dunny – The washroom
Fair dinkum – genuine
G’day – hello, good day!
Grog – alcohol
Jumper – Sweater
Mozza – mozzarella
Parma/Parmie – Chicken parmagiana
Piss head – a drunk person
Piss off – Please go away
Plonk – alcohol
Pull ya head in – behave yourself
Rubbish – trash
Sanger – sandwich
Shoddy – of poor quality
Serviette – napkin
Sheila – An Australian lady
‘straya – Australia
Stubby – A bottle of beer
Stubby holder – a beer koozie
Suss it out – to assess something to determine if you like it
Thongs – Flip flops
Tinny – A can of beer
Tomato Sauce – Ketchup
Tucker – food
Your shout – your turn to buy a round of drinks


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