130317 Moose's Down Under Food-Lo-3Every hearty meal deserves a tasty dessert. Come in for an old favourite or sample one of our unique Aussie items! Prices subject to change and tax.

Home made Apple crumble ala mode $7.99
Vanilla ice cream $5.99 – topped with strawberries, mixed berries or chocolate
Chocolate Nemesis $7.99 – Flourless chocolate Brownie served with vanilla ice cream  $6.99


Pavlova $8.99 – meringue topped with whipped cream, strawberries & kiwi fruit
Lamingtons $6.99 – bite sized sponge cake cake cubes coated with chocolate icing & coconut
Vanilla Slice $7.99 – A luscious custard between flakey puff pastry, with sweet passionfruit icing
Melting Moments $3.99 – 3 Melt in your mouth biscuits filled with lemon buttercream

Aussie Childhood Favourites

Chocolate Crackle $2 – Made with Rice Krispies, coconut and Cocoa
Honey Joys $2 – The delicious taste of honey with the crunch of Corn Flakes
Fairy Bread $2 – A slice of white bread with butter, covered with “Hundreds and Thousands”

Want a Pav for a special occasion?  Give us a weeks notice and we can make one for you! Call Corina 604-683 3300

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