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Meat Lasagna w/ fries or salad – $16.99

130317 Moose's Down Under Food-Lo-4Join us for dinner Monday – Saturday. We have plenty of great appetizers if you fancy sharing, and generous mains if you’re a little more peckish! Our menu features Aussie and Canadian favourites like meat pies, pizzas, meatloaf, shepherd’s pie, chicken parmigiana, nachos, wings and more. All prices are subject to change and taxes.

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130317 Moose's Down Under Food-Lo-8 (1)Chicken Strips $11.99 – Moose’s famous strips made fresh daily. Served with our own honey mustard dip.
Steak Bites
$14.99 – 8 oz. of tender Australian striploin tossed with coarse pepper and salt.
Potato Skins
$9.99 – Topped with cheese, real bacon bits & green onion, served with a side of sour cream.
Crispy Spud Rolls
$10.99 – 4 stuffed potato spring rolls with cheese & bacon bits.
Veggie Eggrolls
$9.99 – 4 eggrolls with plum sauce.
Moose Style Poutine
$9.99 Fries topped with gravy & mozza.
Add peppercorn gravy $1.59
Make it ‘Rootine’ – add Roo meat $3.00
Moose Wraps
$10.99 – 8 tender chicken bites wrapped in bacon.
Chicken Kebabs
$11.99 – 4 grilled chicken skewers marinated in satay Sauce.
Snag Bites $11.99 – 2 organic, gluten-free pork & leek sausages, sliced, pan seared & served with mustards.
Nachos with the Works
Add Cajun chicken or chilli beef $3.99
Add guacamole $2.99
Buffalo Chook Rolls
$9.99 – Spicy chicken wrapped in spring roll pastry, served with a side of blue cheese.
Garlic Prawns & Veggies
N/A – Six prawns sautéed in Garlic Butter & veggies.
Flatbread Pizza
$12.99 – Roasted red pepper, red onion & feta on a sundried tomato base topped with balsamic drizzle & chopped spinach.
Chook Wings $11.99
– A dozen chicken wings with veggie sticks. Choose from hot, teriyaki, honey garlic, salt & pepper, 911 or Thai sweet chilli.
Veggie Plate
$8.99 – Assorted veggies with ranch dip.
Chips ‘n Gravy
Onion Rings
Tortilla Chips & Salsa


Roo on a Stick $16.99 – 4 herbed marinated kangaroo skewers.
Roo Sliders N/A – 3 miniature kangaroo burgers, served on
traditional damper with blueberry relish.
Oz Fries $10.99 – Potato wedges served with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
Battered Savs N/A – Australia’s answer to the corn dog!
Mini Sausage Roll N/A – 5 Mini sausage rolls.


Substitute Caesar salad or onion rings $1.59, soup, poutine or Oz fries $1.99
Add bacon, mushrooms, cheddar, mozza, Swiss or feta to your burger $1.59

Aussie Meat Pie $11.99 – Homemade pie filled with ground beef, onions & gravy.
Served with a side of gravy & a generous portion of fries.
Chicken Parmie $18.99 – A breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce & mozza.
Served with mixed greens and fries.
Eastern State style – add ham for $1.59
Have you tried our ‘SUPER PARMAS’? Ask your server for the list!
Chicken Parmie Burger $15.99 Breaded chicken breast served on a Kaiser bun topped with our homemade tomato sauce, mozza, lettuce, mayo, and your choice of mixed greens or fries.
Vegemite & Cheese Sanger $8.99 – ‘An Australian staple’ served with cheddar on toasted white bread. Served with your choice of mixed greens or chips.130317 Moose's Down Under Food-Lo-1
Aussie Burger $16.99 – 6 oz. freshly made ground chuck patty topped with pineapple, beetroot, egg, cooked onions, lettuce, tomato & mayo. Served with your choice of mixed greens or fries.
Roo Burger $16.99 – 100% kangaroo meat patty cooked medium rare with lettuce, tomato, mayo & blueberry relish served on a Kaiser with your choice of mixed greens or fries.
Lamb Burger $16.99 NZ grass fed lamb burgers served medium-rare, topped with mint chutney, lettuce, tomato, raw red onion and mayo, served with mixed greens or fries.
Steak Burger $18.99 – Thin 8 oz. steak topped with onions & smothered with our Australian style BBQ sauce, lettuce & tomato. Served with your choice of mixed greens or fries.
8″ Pizza Aussie Style N/A – Ham, red onion & red pepper, topped with a fried egg.


All of our soups are made daily from the freshest ingredients & served with garlic bread.

Minestrone $5.99 -Tomato based, vegetarian.
Pumpkin Soup $5.99 – Served with a dollop of cream.
Veggie Beef $5.99- A Moose’s favourite.
Daily Soup N/A – Ask your server.
Soup & Salad $16.99 – With any Salad


Served with garlic bread. Add Cajun chicken, steak or beef $4.99 or prawns $5.99

Coral Bay Salad N/A – Mixed greens, cukes and tomatoes tossed in house dressing, topped with chilled signature prawns and sliced avocado.
Canadian Caesar $12.99 – A classic. Small $9.99
Aussie Caesar
$14.99 – With bacon, anchovies and crumbled egg.
$14.99 – Diced tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions, cukes & black olives tossed with our own vinaigrette & a generous portion of feta.
Baja Quinoa
$14.99 – Red & green peppers, chopped spinach, roasted corn, black bean mixed with chili lime dressing and salsa and topped with corn chips.
$14.99 – Mixed greens topped with strips of ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, cukes, egg & your choice of dressing.
Baja Steak
N/A – Mixed greens tossed with homemade chilli lime dressing, topped with roasted red peppers, corn, black beans and steak.


Served with your choice of mixed greens or chips.
Substitute Caesar salad or onion rings $1.59, soup, poutine or Oz fries $1.99

‘DUD’ Down Under Deluxe $13.99 – 6 oz. freshly made ground chuck patty with fried onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard.
‘Big DUD’ $15.99 – Same as the DUD but with bacon, cheddar cheese & mushrooms.
Schnitzel $14.99 – Traditional breaded pork cutlet with fried onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard.
Mexi Chook $15.99 – Grilled chicken breast with tomato,corn & avocado salsa, mayo, lettuce & tomato.
Salmon Burger $16.99 – Grilled wild Coho salmon fillet dusted with Aussie lemon myrtle spice, with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Veggie Burger $14.99 – Garden burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, cukes, sliced avocado & mayo.

Add bacon, mushrooms, cheddar, mozza, Swiss or feta $1.59


Australian Striploin Steak (8oz) N/A – A little bit of Down Under served with seasonal veggies & your choice of roasted, mashed or baked potatoes.
Peppercorn – Smothered with our special peppercorn sauce
Grilled – Grilled to perfection then topped with sauteed mushrooms & onions
Pepperberry – Dry rubbed Australian pepperberry spice
Sides Sautéed mushrooms $3.99, Skewer of signature prawns, $4.99 Blue cheese $2.99
Gold Coast Chicken N/A – Grilled boneless chicken smothered with sundried tomato & avocado cream sauce. Served on a bed of wild rice and seasonal veggies.
Wild Salmon N/A – Grilled wild Coho salmon with a dusting of lemon myrtle spice, served with rice pilaf and seasonal veggies.


Meatloaf $16.99 – Two thick slices of homemade meatloaf, served with creamy mashed potatoes & topped with gravy. Served with mixed greens or fries & garlic bread.
Shepherd’s Pie $16.99 – A generous portion of homemade shepherd’s pie topped with gravy and served with mixed greens or fries & garlic bread.
Schnitzel Parmesan $14.99 – Breaded pork cutlet topped with tomato sauce & mozza, served with mixed greens or fries & garlic bread.
With spaghetti & tomato sauce $17.99
Chicken Strips & Chips $15.99 – Moose’s homemade chicken strips, served with mixed greens, fries & our own honey mustard dip.
Fish & Chips $17.99 – Lightly battered New Zealand Hoki, served with coleslaw & our homemade tartar sauce.130317 Moose's Down Under Food-Lo-7
‘Wok-about’ Rice Bowl $13.99 – Bell peppers & fresh seasonal veggies on rice with our special Asian sauce. Served with mixed greens or fries.
Add chicken or steak for $4.99, or prawns for $5.99
Bangers ‘n Mash $19.99 – Two local, organic, hormone-free pork & leek sausages, served with mixed greens & creamy mashed potatoes, topped with onion gravy.


Spaghetti served with garlic bread.

Tomato $11.99 – Homemade traditional tomato sauce.
Meat $12.99 – Traditional Bolognese sauce, need we say more?
Roasted Veggie Lasagna N/A Homemade lasagna with peppers, zucchini, spinach & ricotta cheese.
Meat Lasagna N/A – Homemade beef lasagna with traditional spinach & ricotta cheese.

Add mixed greens $1.59, chicken $4.99, prawns $5.99, meatballs $3.99


Made with our special sauce & seasoned mozza cheese. Add a Canadian Caesar or mixed greens $4.99, or a Greek salad $5.99.

8″ weekly specialty pizza N/A – Ask your server
House special 8″ N/A or 12″ N/A – Pepperoni, salami, ham, mushrooms, green pepper, onions & tomato.
Veggie 8″ N/A or 12″ N/A – Mushrooms, green pepper, onion, black olive & tomato.
Create your own 8″ $10.99, 12″ $19.99- your choice of 3 toppings. Extra toppings $1.59.

Green pepper
Red pepper
Green olives
Black olives
Back bacon

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